Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blue Mountain Shelter to Deep Gap Shelter: Mile 48 - 63

After a good nights sleep we restarted the fire before we broke camp atop Blue Mountain, we did not want to leave but needed to get down the trail.

We made it down to Unicoi Gap where we met Bike for resupply, we decided to take our time today and not hike too fast. Straight Leg was still hurting and walking with, yep you guessed it, a straight leg.

After we met him at Unicoi Gap Bike drove some hikers into town while Straight Leg and I headed for the top of Tray Mountain. There we stopped and ate lunch, took our time, and enjoyed the views from the top. A few miles after Tray Mountain my heel could not take it any longer so I took off my left boot and put on my camp croc.

We stopped to get water at Addis Gap, the source was 0.5 miles off the trail but the water source and campsites were awesome. If you need a great place to stop and camp I highly recommend Addis Gap.

Finally at Deep Gap Shelter, Straight leg and I were very tired, two days in a row of 15 plus miles has really begun to wear on us, although this will be our last night in Georgia and we are very excited about entering North Carolina.

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