Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Gear

For any gearheads out there here is a partial list of what I carried while hiking the Georgia AT, what is that you say...gear is not interesting...i beg to differ. Gear is very interesting and it has changed so vastly since the early days of hiking, and even more since the early days of Indians...

Just check out this 1950's era backpack, how would you like to wear that? Kind of looks like a toilet! However, some gear can be overrated, and becomes more about fashion than function...if you don't believe me just look at Grandma Gatewood who hiked the AT in Keds sneakers with a canvas duffel bag for a pack and a shower curtain for a shelter...at the age of 67.

But I digress, here is my partial gear list:

Pack - GoLite Odyssey with a 100 oz Camelback Internal Bladder

Bag - Marmot Never Winter 30F / -1C

Cook Stove - MSR Pocket Rocket

Cook Ware - GSI Soloist Cook System (made for 1 person cooking but plenty big enough for 2)

Other Misc. Gear and Clothing

My pack, gear, food for 3 days and water weighs in at approximately 26 - 27 lbs.

We carry a tent with us (GoLite), Straight Leg carries the tent and I carry the dinners.

This was my first hike with the GoLite pack and it was wonderful. I have always had a problem with my other pack after about two days it starts to bruise my hips and my shoulders. After five and a half days with the Golite it still felt great!

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