Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Springer Mt to Sassafrass Mt: Mile 0 - 11

Our hike began rather ominously when, on the drive down, my wife discovered that I had left my camera sitting on the kitchen counter. A quick trip to Walmart solved that issue (no, not my forgetfulness...the camera).

Then...after hiking Springer Mountain Straight Leg realized that his Oakley sunglasses were missing. You can clearly see them on top of his hat in this picture, unfortunately there was no Walmart on the mountain.

Fortunately that
was the extent of our missing items...unless we lost something that we don't miss, but then I guess we don't need it.

Springer Mountain was beautiful and we were
excitedly looking forward to the rest of our hike. We left the parking lot at about 1:30 pm after hiking Springer Mountain with Pop.

The fist day was very uneventful, we felt good and we hiked fast. The trail was very flat and easy until Sassafrass Mountain. Up at the top of Sassafrass Mountain we set up camp along with another hiker, made dinner, and went to bed. And then...the WIND...

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