Sunday, November 30, 2008

Florida Plates

So what happens when one of your hiking buddies can't go hiking with you? Naturally you steal something that they will miss...or at least miss it when they find out you stole it.

When Moses could not go to Georgia with us I did the next best thing and took something of his with us.

Now wouldn't it be great if I actually took this off of his motorcycle and he went riding around without it, how would you explain that one to the cop?

"Honestly officer, it was here yesterday!"

But alas, he sold his motorcycle a few months back, so I just stole it off of his desk.

At various points along the trail we stopped for a photo opp with the license plate...and people gave us very strange looks. I cannot blame them really, I would give me strange looks too if I could.

We took some photos of the plate at some pretty amazing views and texted them back to Moses.

My favorite was at the GA / NC border where there seemed to be a paradox of straddling two states.

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