Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Humpback Mt. to Tye River: Mile 839.0 to 820.9

Before you start to think that Straight Leg and I are Ironmen Hikers, let me explain that we hiked a side trail around Three Ridges cutting off about three miles. We had already hiked Three Ridges twice before and felt no desire to hike it a third time this day.

We packed up camp and started hiking South preparing for the solitude and loneliness of hiking on the AT...except that it was anything but lonely, I think we saw about six hikers--two within the first fifteen minutes out of camp. Straight Leg and I had to revise our estimate of hikers seen during this trip, our new GUESS was twenty.

Yesterday was our water day, today was our rock day.

Walking down the trail Straight Leg lost his footing and did a 180° spin, it was perfect, he went from walking South one moment to facing North the next. How I lament not having that real time video camera. That would make for some riveting footage, "and here we are hiking down the trail, (6 hours later) yep still hiking...

When we got to the Tye River we were hot and decided that a bath sounded like a good idea, although the water was very cold. Straight Leg, trying to decide whether or not to dunk his tired body found a slippery rock and the dilemma was solved. The water was very refreshing and it felt great to be clean after a pretty warm day.

Day two without rain...

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Meghann said...

you could be an ironman hiker if you wanted to. all you need is poorer planning and unrealistic expectations. (either that or no job so you could just train year round and then head out on the trail)