Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tye River to Wolf Rocks: Mile 820.9 to 806.3

We packed up and left camp at the Tye River heading up towards The Priest at 8:00 am, we reached the top of the Priest at around 11:00 am. If you are keeping score, we left the Tye River (Elevation 970) and climbed up to The Priest (Elevation 4,063), 3093 feet of elevation gain over 4.3 miles in 3 hours. This was by far the toughest extended climb that we have accomplished during any of our stage hikes. The toughest pure climb was Sharp Top in North Carolina of course. What made the climb so hard (other than the 3100 feet of vertical gain) was the constant climbing, there were little to no areas of neutral slope to grab a small respite from the climb.

The Mountain was beautiful and it was here that we saw several deer just off the trail.

All in all the hike was beautiful with varying and beautiful terrain all the way to Wolf Rocks. We did stop in at the Seeley-Woodworth Shelter to check in for the night, but the bugs were awful so we filtered water and continued on.

Once we arrived at Wolf Rocks we decided to eat dinner before heading on. Tired and already way ahead of schedule, we changed our minds and decided to set up camp at Wolf Rocks. We set up camp while we cooked supper and barely finished when the rain began to fall, and fall, and fall. We grabbed our supper, crawled in the tent, and called it a night.

Today we saw several more hikers on the trail and we stopped to chat with just about each one...I think our total was up to something like 20.

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