Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to Hiking

So back to hiking, I have had an absolutely wonderful time writing about my experiences in Nicaragua and I have a few more posts to do, so I will work them into my usual hiking posts.

I was thinking today about why I love to hike and especially why I love to hike in the mountains...what I came up with surprised even me. When I really started thinking about it I decided that there are multiple reasons, each one unique and each one felt profoundly:

1. The thrill of the challenge - hiking is not easy. There are many times you are tired, hungry, and thirsty....but when you complete what you set out to do there is such a great sense of accomplishment.
2. The workout - I am an endurance junkie. I love just about every type of endurance sport....I love watching the Tour de France, the Hawaii Ironman Triathalon, I love running and biking--and hiking.
3. The solitude - when was the last time you sat down and took 30 mins or more with nothing going on? No TV, no computer, no books....nothing but your thoughts. We just do not do it in our society, we are always busy, always on the go. When you are hiking there is no reliance on time, you rise with the sun and go to sleep when you are tired. When we become still and just listen we can better hear God speaking to us, working in us. I love being still and knowing He is God.

4. The beauty of God's majesty - it is the same reason my wife loves the beach so much. I look at all that is around me, the complicated intricate beauty, with awe and wonder. I can't imagine how someone can look at this world and all that is in it and deny the existence of an intelligent designer. There are so many things showing the touch of His hand, His immense love, His sense of humor (just look at a platypus if you don't agree).
So we are planning our next hike, Straight-Leg and I are planning to hike about 22 miles. We were thinking about trying to do it in one day with limited gear but felt a more leisurely hike would be more appetizing. So we are breaking it into two days, barely 11 miles per day, although we have a long drive down and back but all in all should be a very relaxing time.


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