Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hiking into the Engineering Future

Off to an engineering conference....I know what you are thinking, "ooh, ooh, me please, can I come!" I just have to say there is more exciting things than hiking through the wilderness, enjoying the breeze, watching the wildlife. I mean who would not want to sit in on 8 hours of "Engineering Law" and "New technologies in concrete", I mean really riveting stuff....right?!? And as a bonus it is my birthday!

Oh well, I will do my best to not die from boredom and if I do not return send out the search party.

On a brighter note, Straight Leg and I purchased a new hiking tent today. Feast your eyes upon this awesomeness, it is a Golite Utopia 2+:

Straight Leg found it on Ebay for less than 50% of new and it weighs in at a mere 3 lbs 10 oz total!

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