Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall/Winter Hiking

We are planning another hike, that is the good news....the bad news is the fluctuation in the weather. If it is going to be warm you plan for it to be warm, if it is cold you plan for it to be cold. How do you plan for a hike when it is 35°-45° (or colder) one day and 45°-75° the next.

Which sleeping bag do I take?

What coats do I take?

You can prepare for any possible weather, but then your pack weighs 35 lbs and it is so much more enjoyable carrying around a pack that weighs 25 lbs. Of course if it is between being really, really cold and carrying a 35 lbs pack....give me the 35 lbs pack!

More important is the question, do I take Kallie? And how cold is too cold for her?


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