Monday, October 5, 2009

Virginia AT 09-2009: James River to Punchbowl Shelter -- Mile 773.2 to 783.9

The James river is quite impressive, as is the footbridge crossing the James. Bike returned for support on the trip and let me tell you, it is so much easier when you have support. We were able to drive straight to our drop off point and head straight home from our pickup point.

The trail was wonderful and the day was beautiful. We started out about 10 with no real worry about making it to shelter before dark so we just enjoyed the hike.

There were a few vistas, however early in the day they mostly were obscured by overcast conditions and fog.

However, by midday the fog had lifted and the views looked more like this.

We also found a place to sit and enjoy the view on top of Bluff Mountain. It always amazes me how they get the building materials up on top of some of these places.


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