Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Virginia AT 09-2009: Punchbowl Shelter to US 60 -- Mile 783.9 to 795.2

Day 2 was beautiful, we packed up and headed down the trail. We were feeling the previous days hike but it really was a terrific hike. There was lots of water (something absent from day 1), bridges, educational signs, and wildlife.

There is something about waterfalls and rushing water that really speaks to me, I just love it. This was a neat area with a few camping spots.

I love educational/informational signs, there were two on this leg of the trail.

Towards the end of the trail (roughly 2 miles from our pickup point), we met up with Bike. He usually hikes in a ways and waits for us, we often are in conversation and walk right up on him before we realize it. Bike is sneaky (and quiet) like that.

I know, I know....I said wildlife earlier, but I took this picture because my oldest daughter looooooooooooooves caterpillars. She goes around the yard making "homes" for them and even knows which ones she can touch and which ones she cannot touch. This picture is for her.


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